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31st July 2008

A quick fix for global warming
It's the stuff of science fiction, but could mirrors in space or sea water sprayed in the air be shortcuts to halt global warming?
BBC News Magazine

CO2 storage plan a step closer
A scheme to store millions of tonnes of industrial carbon could forge ahead despite a lack of government backing, a regional development agency has said.
BBC News

Oil from algae promises climate friendly fuel
A liquid fuel made from plants that is chemically identical to crude oil but which does not contribute to climate change when it is burned or, unlike other biofuels, need agricultural land to produce sounds too good to be true....
Guardian Unlimited

Geological mapping gets joined up
The world's geologists have dug out their maps and are sticking them together produce the first truly global resource of the world's rocks.
BBC News

Quake orphans' new life
Video documenting China quake orphan
BBC News

Its green medal hopes are lost but Beijing must race on
Failure to meet the Olympic cleanup pledge will embarrass China. If it stays ambitious, however, it can earn real respect
Guardian Unlimited

What is going to power our cars?
With oil supplies a continuing concern, focus is switching to lithium for electric vehicles. But debate rages about how much of it is available
Guardian Unlimited

30th July 2008

New turbine to harness wave power
A turbine designed to be the forerunner of the UK's first commercial wave power station has been officially switched on in Argyll and Bute.
BBC News

Bangladesh landmass 'is growing'
New research shows Bangladesh may not be as vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by climate change as previously feared, scientists in Dhaka say.
BBC News

China's renewable energy revolution
Guardian Unlimited

Canadian Arctic sheds ice chunk
A large chunk of an Arctic ice shelf has broken free of the northern Canadian coast, scientists say.
BBC News

Chinese teacher sent to labour camp for earthquake pictures
A Chinese teacher has been sent to a labour camp over his internet photographs of schools that collapsed in the Sichuan earthquake, a rights group said today.
Guardian Unlimited
BBC News

California rattled by sharp earthquake
Minor damage reported in Los Angeles after 5.4 magnitude quake jolts southern part of the state
Guardian Unlimited

Quake shakes 'Judge Judy'
Chaos breaks out on the set of "Judge Judy" as a magnitude 5.4 earthquake hits the Los Angeles area.


29th July 2008

Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles
A strong earthquake has struck Southern California
Sky News

Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles
A magnitude-5.8 earthquake has struck just east of Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Strong quake felt in Los Angeles
A strong earthquake has been felt in the US city of Los Angeles.
BBC News

Find out more about earthquakes on Internet Geography.

25th July 2008

Life in the shadow of China's melting glacier
Glaciers in the Tian Mountains in western China are melting due to global warming. Jonathan Watts photographs how this affects local people
Guardian Online

Energy in China: 'We call it the Three Gorges of the sky. The dam there taps water, we tap wind'
Wind energy output is trumping targets, and competition between operators is fierce, but coal still reigns supreme
Guardian Online

24th July 2008

Britain tries to block green energy laws
UK accused of rewriting rules despite Brown vow to back clean technology
Guardian Online

Arctic 'has 90bn barrels of oil'
The Arctic is estimated to hold 90bn barrels of untapped oil, according to figures from the US Geological Survey (USGS).
BBC News


22nd July 2008

Warming world 'drying wetlands'
More than 700 scientists are attending a major conference to draw up an action plan to protect the world's wetlands.
BBC News

Hunger in Haiti
Guardian photographer David Levene documents the deepening food crisis afflicting the poorest nation in the western hemisphere
Guardian Unlimited


10th July 2008

Was Wednesday's washout a monsoon?
Was the heavy rainfall on Wednesday 9th July a monsoon?
BBC News Magazine

9th July 2008

Earthquake Prediction
Earthquake prediction becomes a reality?
BBC News
BBC News

Eruption on Hawaii
BBC News


2nd July 2008

Thrill seekers ride the ultimate wave
Great hook activity for teaching waterfalls:
BBC Magazine

Climate concerns halt coal plant
The US state of Georgia has blocked construction of a new coal-fired power station because of concerns over its carbon dioxide emissions. Is the US changing direction?
BBC News